Senior Program Manager


Posted Date 12/18/2018

The Senior Program Manager is in charge of the success of a Flatiron School campus. This position will use their leadership, business acumen and management skills to guide a team of educators and coordinators to ensure a high quality student experience. We are looking for someone who is passionate about education and about building and leading a large team.

Senior Program Manager’s Categories of Work

Manage, and develop our In Person Faculty to ensure the highest quality instruction

  • Recruit, Hire and Onboard Faculty members
  • Coordinate the needs of team of instructors and communicate them to appropriate parties so that they can effectively run classes
  • Define and oversee quarterly goals for instructors to measure their efficacy and growth
  • Take the lead on communicating across teams and functions to foster collaboration and information sharing between campuses
  • Work with the curriculum and teacher training teams to ensure a consistent delivery of material
  • Maintain inter-departmental evaluation and training
  • Work with the Director of In Person Programs to gather and provide feedback to teachers

Oversee, evaluate, and iterate on a robust portfolio of student programming that enhances the student experience

  • Analyze feedback surveys to provide targeted feedback to staff
  • Manage a community coordinator who will execute on community building and marketing
  • Ensure the consistent collection of teacher feedback, attendance and other administrative tasks
  • Develop solutions for student concerns raised through the community coordinator
  • Communicate effectively between students, teachers and staff
  • Orchestrate non-technical education efforts

Ensure the successful running of the business side of the immersive program

  • Work with our finance team to maintain budgets for the campus
  • Maintain the documentation for the running of a successful campus
  • Work with the admissions and marketing team to ensure our classes are full of the highest quality candidates
  • Work with our WeWork counterparts to ensure smooth operation of all campus facilities

Background of the ideal Program Manager candidate

  • You’ve built and managed a team greater than 5 reports
  • You take a data driven approach to business decisions
  • You love education and are excited to change education for the better
  • You believe in radical candor with your team and our students
  • You love having a set of goals and working towards those goals
  • You can operate a large team independently

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