Optical Systems Manager (Oculus)

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Posted Date 12/07/2018
Description At Oculus, we’re developing the future of augmented reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) & mixed reality (MR). We are currently seeking innovative systems leads in optics with a passion for working across disciplines to develop technology and solve complex problems to deliver great visual fidelity.

We are currently seeking innovative architects with a passion for technology to develop next generation near to eye display, viewing optics and imaging systems. Primary responsibility is developing optics and related technologies as technology building blocks to enable next generation architectures.


  • Drive development of system requirements to create new experiences, and advance technologies necessary to create product architectures that can deliver these requirements.

  • Support modeling and prototyping for next-generation optics and displays

  • Support evaluating and characterizing optical elements and image processing algorithms

  • Engage cross-functionally with researchers and engineers to develop and ship innovative concepts that advance the entire product pipeline (hardware, software, integration, infrastructure and applications)


  • MS or PhD in Optical Sciences, Physics, Electrical Engineering or related degree.

  • 8+ years of experience, working on both applied research and product development of advanced optics, photonic and opto-mechanical systems

  • Experience as principal investigator or leader for which results were achieved or established subject matter expert as demonstrated through publications, patents, or shipped products.

  • Knowledge of optics including imaging, illumination, radiometry and photometry, physical and geometric optics, statistics, and polarization.

  • Understanding of sources (lasers and LED’s), spatial light modulators, diffractive optics, optical materials, and thin films optics.

  • Knowledge and experience with color science, colorimetry, and visual optics

  • Experience in one or more optical design tools such as Zemax, FRED, or ASAP.

  • Familiarity with optical metrology tools such as interferometry, image quality testing (e.g. MTF, distortion)

  • Background in development of test automation using Labview, Matlab, Mathamatica or another program that enables custom analysis and automation of metrology.

  • Interpersonal skills - cross-group and cross-culture collaboration.

  • A documented history of increasing responsibilities and decision-making experience.

  • Proven track record developing technologies that has resulted in transition into high-volume consumer products.

Job Category
Developer, Engineer

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