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Facebook | Menlo Park, CA

Posted Date 12/18/2018
Description How do you scale to multiple billions of users? From the patch of dirt, we build an office on to the custom WIFI into employee’s houses instead of needing to VPN, there is a lot behind In honoring our hacker roots and challenging convention we build the technical foundation of Facebook. Facebook is looking to expand its existing team focused on internal network engineering.
A Network Engineer will have responsibility to design, deploy and manage the global enterprise network on a variety of cutting-edge platforms. A successful candidate will help develop and understand requirements from internal customers and create technical solutions to improve productivity and services. A candidate must have a strong technical background, be innovative and agile, collaborate well in a team environment, and have very strong communication skills – a visionary who challenges the status quo and believes that collaboration technologies can level-up productivity.


  • Contribute to the design, implementation and ongoing management of the corporate network

  • Interface with InfoSec teams to design and continuously deliver security-related enhancements

  • Analyze data and define network capacity models and performance metrics

  • Develop automated methods to mitigate and remediate network events and minimize operational complexity

  • Optimize the network in every way possible


  • 4+ years of experience with Layer 2 Switching protocols such as IP[v4|v6], TCP or UDP, STP, ECMP, 802.1[d|s|w], or 802.1x.

  • 4+ years of experience with Layer 3 Routing protocols such as OSPF, BGP, and VRFs.

  • 2+ years of experience with stateful firewalls, non-stateful filtering and packet inspection.

  • 1+ years experience in programming or scripting to automate/build etc.

  • 1+ years experience with VPNs (DVMRP, GRE, IPSec/SSL VPNs), Wireless (802.1a/b/g/n), Global and Local Server Load-Balancing (GLB/SLB) or Multicast (PIM-SM, MSDP, IGMP).

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Developer, Engineer

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