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Netflix | Los Gatos, CA

Posted Date 5/21/2018

Netflix is the world’s leading Internet video streaming service. Our members enjoy billions of hours of TV shows and movies per month on over 1000 different types of devices.

How do we ensure that we are providing our members the best possible experience without compromising availability, scalability and cost? Large scale, highly available Netflix API services are at the core of that challenge. The Edge Developer Productivity team focuses on both service side as well as client side developers, crafting tools and solutions to optimize their entire development and operations lifecycle. Thus, our mission is to amplify the innovation velocity at the API tier.

We are looking for a passionate and seasoned engineer to develop highly impactful, easy to use solutions that will empower hundreds of engineers to develop, test and operate their software rapidly, safely and reliably. This is an excellent opportunity to leverage leading edge technologies such as containers, reactive programming and modern UI frameworks to take on the challenges of developing and operating microservices at scale.

You will be interacting with a wide set of users and partners. Collaborating closely with them to understand their requirements and distilling them into scalable, easy to consume solutions is the key to success. You will also be able to synthesize external and internal trends to craft a long term vision for the team in this space.

About you

  • You are excited at the prospect of spotting opportunities, dreaming up ideas to solve them and can take an idea from concept to reality.
  • You are able to identify the most impactful ideas to pursue, keeping in mind the big picture, initiate and drive technical solutions to satisfy the requirements of a large developer base.
  • You have been successful in architecting, designing and developing systems given a broad set of requirements, including making technology bets, modeling and implementing APIs and interacting with persistence stores.
  • You are married more to successful outcomes rather than specific technology choices

  • Are you someone who love’s to experiment and explore? Then this role is for you. We are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to balance velocity with availability. If you believe in rapid iterations, are open to placing well-informed and calculated bets while being pragmatic about the needs of the business, you will flourish on this team.

Examples of team’s recent daily work

  • Building an insights framework for tools to publish rich metrics, allowing the team to understand usage patterns and uncover blind spots
  • Optimizing and hardening our distributed simulation testing framework to match increased scale of testing
  • Work with service teams to improve the UX around Falcor graph (API) discovery
  • Analyze requirements and provide solutions for canarying Netflix mobile application releases

  • You can learn more about the team, its charter, challenges and opportunities ahead from this slide deck.

Highlight's from team's published work

The ideal candidate will have…

  • Experience developing services and libraries in Node.js or Java
  • Experience with cloud infrastructure and a good understanding of DevOps concepts like microservices, continuous delivery and monitoring
  • Strong object-oriented design and programming skills
  • Understanding of NOSQL persistence technologies
  • Familiarity or willingness to work on the frontend (frameworks like React.js or AngularJS)

Other attributes that will excite us are...

  • Experience or understanding of Serverless and/or FaaS systems
  • Shown curiosity towards learning newer technologies and practices
  • A desire to solve complex UX challenges
  • A real passion for developer productivity

If this sounds like you, come talk to us.

Netflix offers a unique culture that values freedom and responsibility. You can learn more via the Netflix culture memo and jobs site.

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Developer, Engineer

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