Regional Space Planning Director


Posted Date 12/17/2018

Regional Spatial Experience Director

Role Overview & Responsibilities

As Regional Spatial Experience Director, you will be at the nexus of product development and regional delivery, helping to craft the best workplace product possible for our members. You will be responsible for overseeing the programming and layouts project phases to ensure proper strategic planning and design excellence of each project. It is the responsibility of the Regional Space Planning Director to work closely with the Global Head of Space Planning and the Regional Directors to ensure that spatial insights and rigor are represented at the regional level. Not only will you ensure proper roll out of new product and product lines to your region, but you will also seek out opportunities to innovate our brand by taking lessons learned back to HQ. Harnessing and supporting this information exchange life-cycle is key to succeeding in this role and to our objective of producing the best workplaces in the world.

The position requires a proven track record of exceptional design thinking, an understanding of our brand at its deepest level, and demonstrable expertise across many design disciplines. The Regional Space Planning Director must ensure that the designs produced within their region speak with a singular aesthetic voice and are responsible for clearly and effectively communicating this voice across all mediums. Particularly important to the role are the oral and written communication skills to articulately express the rationale behind design decisions.

  • Be a Positive Influence - Become a positive influence within your region and beyond by always carrying yourself in a professional manner. Be optimistic and help others do so as well. This applies to our team, our consultants, and other parts of the business. You are a leader representing the Design Department, always be solutions oriented.
  • Collaborate - Work closely with Global Head of Space Planning to understand global direction and communicate to the region. Work collaboratively with Regional Directors, Cluster level Product Leads and Discipline Leads to execute goals for region, within designated project timelines (Remember, you are all equally responsible to achieve these goals). Facilitate coordination of architecture, interior design and MEP disciplines as they look to define space planning strategies
  • Conduit - Liaise with sales, GM, regional leadership around key space types and project allocation strategies. Work with regional stakeholders to map and plan SKU mix at the regional, market and project level.
  • Guide - Ultimately, be responsible for approving programming and layouts package. Advise on best practices and code implications, occupancy, egress, fixture counts etc. Understand cost implications for design moves and look for ways to be efficient and cost effective in spatial planning
  • Implementation - Communicate new standards, update documentation and provide strategies for teams to implement.
  • Represent - Be able to effectively communicate the rationale behind design decisions through strong oral and written communication skills to internal and external parties. Be capable of running reviews and presentations with Regional Leadership, CweOs, GMs and Global Head of Space Planning (when appropriate).
  • Police - Ensure regional product aligns with global direction of WeWork product, through constant open communication with HQ.
  • Communicate - Espouse excellent and efficient communication skills. Excellent communication skills are critical to effective collaboration.
  • Mentor - Act as mentor to Space Planning Leads (provide guidance, feedback, and direction on product design methodology). Work to onboard new team members within the region to the global and regional vision and strategies. Create and present onboarding content for new starters and coordinate and run cross-functional training sessions.
  • Innovate - Run initiatives at Product Development level to improve both process and product on a global scale. Support technical improvements both in the product as well as the process we use to document our design, by working alongside Technical, Creative and Design Directors.
  • Tools + Workflow - Ensure teams are mastering and leveraging the latest technologies to enable success at scale. Oversee the teams updating Revit templates and other documentation to suit local needs. Continually work to optimize workflow, streamlining processes and enabling efficient and rigorous work.
  • Develop - Create new space types based off requests from regional leaders in collaboration with global Development peers.
  • Adapt - Adapting global standards based on regional constraints. Be a key member in enhancing the product to better suit regional cultural expectations, sourcing/product availability, GM/community/operations requests, lessons learned, etc.
  • Reports to the Regional Design Director


  • 8+ years of experience of all phases of the design process from schematic design through the bid process and construction administration
  • Bachelors, Masters in Architecture, Interior Design or MEP Engineering
  • Unparalleled design and space planning acumen and alignment with WW Design Direction
  • Impeccable and concise communication and presentation skills, verbal and written
  • Be a self-starter, with the ability to work independently in a fast paced environment
  • Open to feedback, with optimistic and positive attitude
  • Experience mentoring and guiding a team.
  • Strong time management skills and demonstrated ability to consistently meet deadlines
  • Highly resourceful problem solver and quick learner
  • Be familiar with construction industry best practices, building & ADA codes
  • Fluent in Revit

*Portfolios must be submitted for consideration*

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