Software Engineer, Programming Languages

Facebook | Menlo Park, CA

Posted Date 11/10/2018
Description Facebook is seeking a Software Engineer experienced in programming language implementation and design to join the Programming Languages & Runtimes team. The Programming Languages & Runtimes team builds the languages and runtimes used to develop and execute the product code for Facebook. We are looking for candidates who share a passion for the practical application of programming language theory to build new language features, libraries, and tools that improve the efficiency of developers and machines. This position is full-time and based in our Menlo Park, CA office.


  • Envision, design, and implement language features, libraries, and tools to solve specific problems with broad impact, such as improving developer experience, enforcing code reliability, and enabling performance optimizations

  • Code using primarily OCaml, C/C++

  • Interface with other teams to incorporate their innovations and vice versa

  • Conduct design and code reviews

  • Analyze and improve efficiency, scalability, and stability of languages and tools


  • 6+ years relevant coding experience in OCaml, Haskell, F#, Java, C#, and / or C/C++

  • 2+ years relevant experience building scalable languages, libraries, and tools

  • B.S. in Computer Science or related technical field


  • Experience with programming language design, program analysis, type systems, compilers, operating systems, file systems, and distributed systems

  • Relevant knowledge of PHP/Hack, JavaScript, Python, and / or related languages

  • M.S. or Ph.D. in Computer Science or related technical field

Job Category
Developer, Engineer

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